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Do Mystery Snails Need A Heater?

Mystery snails are a kind of unique species that can tolerate challenging weather conditions. But, how cool weather conditions can Mystery snails adopt? Do Mystery snails need a heater?

Mystery snails do not need a heater if they are provided with the ideal tank temperature. If the temperature is between 68°F to 82°F, Mystery snails can survive even without a heater. Snails can be adapted to a tolerance range of temperature but it is not recommended to expose them to high temperatures.

The ideal temperature will also depend on the weather conditions you are living in, and the amount of light and heat passing into the tank. If the provided temperature is too cold, you have to use the heater. So, what conditions will drive you to get a heater for the mystery snails?

Do Mystery Snails Need a Heater?

do mystery snails need a heater
This is actually a fascinating question to answer because the truth is some mystery snails can live in both extremes of temperature. So, people from different places may not have the same opinion

The extreme weather conditions will definitely make you buy a heater immediately for your mystery snails. The first thing is to provide the best weather conditions to the mystery snails. It is recommended to ask the pet expert to maintain the ideal temperature for the mystery snails.

Temperatures below 18°C/65°F should be avoided as the mortality rate quickly increases. There is no hesitation in saying that if the temperature around mystery snails is below 62°F, you must use the heater.

Definitely, mystery snails won’t freeze and die at this rate of temperature but you need to maintain this calculation for a good lifespan of mystery snails. If your aquarium has a high ambient temperature, the mystery snail’s metabolism will be increased.

Do Baby Mystery Snails Need a Heater?

Baby mystery snails definitely need a heater in cold weather conditions. Baby snails cannot survive in severe cold weather conditions. Adult mystery snails need the heater in the season but not compulsory, only the metabolism rates would differ.

But for the baby mystery snails, need to survive in the tank. If using the heater for 24 hours for a baby mystery snail costs too much to maintain a heater, you can keep the tank in a warm room with medium lighting.

When to use the heater for Mystery Snails?

If the room temperature is above 68°F, probably you won’t need any heater for the Mystery snails. But check the tank’s temperature before deciding. If the temperature is a little below 65°F, and you are giving warm water in the tank, that’s also an exemplary case.

Suppose, the tank is filled with normal water but the temperature is too low, definitely you need a heater. Mystery snails can survive longer in the cold water in the weather conditions of 60°F to 65°F but they will eat less food and produce less waste.

In the warm water, Mystery snails can grow faster, eat more food and produce more waste, and breed faster, leading to overpopulation. It will increase the metabolism of the mystery snails but their lifespan will be reduced.

Now you got an idea about mystery snails living in the cold and warm water. If you also have a Mystery snail as a beautiful pet like me, you need them to live longer with better health. And Hence, cool weather and water are hands down choices.

Mystery Snails in Cold Water

Even though mystery snails can live longer in the cold water, there are some downsides too. If the water or the room temperature is too cool, it is worse than good. It would be a terrible idea to drop your mystery snail in the ice water just because some snails lived in Alaska.

Mystery snails grow eventually depending on the temperature of the water. As you already read above, mystery snails can live longer in cool water and that doesn’t mean that you have to remove the heater or add cold water.

Balancing temperature with the proper diet will help the mystery snails to lead a long life. If you already have the heater in the tank, check the temperature of the water and room and if the values fit in the ideal range, you can remove the heater.

How Much Power does a Mystery Snail tank consume?

The fish tank’s total power consumption will be divided by the heater, lights, and filter. Heaters will consume more power than the lights and filters. The main reason could be the power consumption and why the people are not thinking about using the heater.

But in reality, heaters can be used for less than 12 hours a day and lights are for approximately 8 hours. So, the average power consumption is just 31 watts. Whatever you spend on a tank heater is the average cost to maintain a fish tank.

Using a fish tank for mystery snails is a good idea to have the best atmosphere and the cost would not be expensive. Most people use separate tanks for mystery snails, but having a fish tank with a heater and filters is recommended.

Should You Leave Your Aquarium Heater On All Day

Even though a heater is a good thing to add for the mystery snails, it is not recommended to keep it on all the time. First, you must calculate how much time you need to turn on the heater.

All the new heaters on the market are advanced in technology, the heater will be automatically turned off once the water temperature reaches the ideal temperature levels. In the colder months, you can move the tank to the warm rooms to maintain the water temperature.


No need to be confused about using a heater for mystery snails. Heaters will not at all damage the mystery snail’s skin and health. The heaters are good for the mystery snails living in the very cold water and atmosphere. So, if the tank has the ideal temperature, the heaters, and the filters, Mystery snails can grow healthier with average reproduction abilities.

Every water creature is familiar with the extreme cold conditions. Some snails can live below 65°F temperature too. Not all snails can survive this temperature, especially pet mystery snails living in normal temperature areas.

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