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How Often To Feed Molly Fish?

The Molly fish make a wonderful addition to any aquarium, which is why many people prefer them. People love their bright colors and lively behavior, and of course, they’re easy to take care of.

It is important to know how often to feed molly fish if you plan on getting them or have them already in your tank.

Yes, you must know what type of food to feed a molly fish, but once you have picked the right food, it is equally essential to know how often certain foods need to be fed.

This article will discuss the feeding schedule for molly fish in your aquarium.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

How Often Should I Feed My Molly Fish?

how often to feed molly fish
Typically you should feed the molly fish once or twice a day. The exact amount and frequency will depend on the number of mollies you have and the type of food you are feeding them.

Generally, you should feed a pinch of crushed flakes to 5-6 mollies once or twice a day. It will provide them with the nutrients they need to thrive.

However, it’s important to remember that mollies also need a varied diet to stay healthy. That’s why you should also offer them frozen or live foods, such as blood worms and brine shrimp, occasionally. It should be done twice a week as part of a balanced diet.

Molly fishes are omnivores and will eat a wide variety of things. They generally like to eat algae, other smaller invertebrates, and plants. You should feed them a variety of food to ensure they thrive in your aquarium.

The important thing you should know is that mollies are voracious eaters and will not stop eating if you keep offering them food because they can eat in 5-minute intervals. So to avoid overfeeding, you should stick to the general rule of feeding them two times a day at the utmost.

Tips On Feeding a Molly Fish:

  • Feeding your molly fish the correct type of food is the key to keeping it healthy. Mollies need to eat a plant-based diet, so you should feed them vegetables, such as cucumber, zucchini, broccoli, etc. you can blend them to make a paste and freeze it.
  •  Additionally, you would want to feed them commercial food like flakes as well as live foods such as brine shrimps, daphnia, etc. Giving them homemade once in a while is also a good decision.
  •  Whatever you feed them, just be sure they finish it in a few minutes, or else, the uneaten food will sink to the bottom of the tank and can foul the water; also, there is also a risk of ammonia poisoning.
  • If you want to know when the fish is full, you can notice them spitting the food. Molly fish will usually spit out the food once when they have eaten enough, which ultimately is not good for your aquarium. So moderate the amount you’re feeding them.
  • It is important to provide a mixture of fast and slow-sinking food in the aquarium to keep the fish active as they will be searching for their food.
  • As mollies have small teeth, you should ensure the food you serve them is crushed or broken into small pieces so molly fishes can chew it easily.

What To Feed A Molly Fish?

how often to feed molly fish
The fact that molly fish are omnivorous means they can eat both plant-based and animal-based diets. You can feed your molly fish a variety of items, such as:

  • Commercial food, such as flakes or pellets
  • Frozen or live foods, such as brine shrimp, bloodworms, or daphnia
  • Vegetables like zucchini, peas, or blanched spinach

To ensure your molly fish get all the nutrients, they require to stay healthy; it is crucial to feed them a balanced diet.

How Do You Feed Molly Fish?

how often to feed molly fish
To feed a molly fish, you should use a high-quality flake or pellet ideal for livebearers like mollies. When feeding your molly fish, it’s important to give them enough food to eat, but not so much that they begin overeating.

Moreover, extra food sitting in an aquarium can also pollute the water. It’s best to feed them small amounts of crushed food 1 to 2 times a day rather than one large feeding. This will help prevent overfeeding and keep your molly fish healthy.

How much should I feed my molly fish?

You should only offer your mollies a small amount of food, or moderation is the key. In fact, their stomach is approximately the same size as their eyes; hence you should feed them accordingly.


So that’s it for today’s blog. After reading this article, we hope you know how often to feed molly fish.

In a nutshell, you should feed your molly fish once or twice a day. Offer them a variety of foods, including flakes, frozen, and live foods. Give them a balanced diet and make sure they finish their food within a few minutes. Last but not least, feed them small amounts of food at a time to avoid overfeeding.